Angus & Oink

Angus & Oink - Dirty Cow - 200gr

DIRTY COW BEEF BBQ RUBThis Dirty Cow Beef BBQ Rub was developed to deliver Maximum Crustal Distortion and super bark power for Brisket & Beef..


Angus & Oink - Glazed & Confused

Een formidabel goede BBQ Glaze voor varkensschouder, ribben en kip.De ontwikkeling heeft even op zich laten wachten, maar we hebben onze tijd genomen ..


Angus & Oink - Hot & Hostile - 200gr

BBQ rub habanero and lime!!This rub is comin in Hot & Hostile with a banging kick in the gob and a smack round the face. Alpha Oscar 19'..


Angus & Oink - Jack & Cola Rub - 200gr

When we got news that we were being invited to compete in The Jack Daniels World Championship Contest 2018 we decided to create a rub to celebrat..


Angus & Oink - Pastrami Cure - 300gr

ANGUS & OINK PASTRAMI CUREMet deze Pastrami Cure (pekel) maak je de lekkerste, authentieke New York Deli Pastrami!Must try!!!Wordt geleverd in een..


Angus & Oink - Porky White Chick - 200gr

​Porky White Chick BBQ Rub - Competition Style BBQ Rub. A Formidable Force. Spices, chillies & umami for maximum effect. Serious co..


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