Kosmo's Q

Kosmo's Q - Cow Cover Rub
Kosmo's Q - Dirty Bird Hot Rub

Fiery Poultry Rub Built For Smoked, Grilled and Broiled Birds.Just when you thought that Dirty Bird was as dirty as it gets, we decided to go even dir..


Kosmo's Q - Dirty Bird Rub

Sometimes in order to win, you've got to play a little dirty. We came up with this rub designed for poultry perfection, and it was our first one ..


Kosmo's Q - Honey Chipotle Killer Bee Rub

We took our sweetest honey rub and added fiery chipotle to make it a beautiful contradiction of sugar, spice and everything nice.If your taste bu..


Kosmo's Q - Honey Killer Bee Rub
Kosmo's Q - Product Mixer 25oz

Deze 25oz - 740ml mixer is de enige manier om al je geweldige Kosmos-producten te mengen, en het duurt maar SECONDEN.Deze mixer is te gebruiken als ma..


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