Plowboys BBQ

Plowboys BBQ - 'En Fuego' Spicy BBQ Sauce

En Fuego’ – loosely meaning ‘on fire’ – is the ‘kicked-up’ cousin of Plowboys BBQ’s ‘Sweet 180’ BBQ Sauce and it will add zing to just about anyt..


Plowboys BBQ - 'Hot Head' BBQ Sauce

Plowboys BBQ ‘Hot Head’ BBQ Sauce is unlike any sauce Todd Johns has developed before. A little sweet with a real kick of heat from habaneros set..


Plowboys BBQ - 'KC Crossroads' BBQ Sauce

KC Crossroads’ BBQ Sauce is the new offering from Plowboys BBQ and this sauce is Kansas City BBQ at its finest – sweet, savoury, smoky and a litt..


Plowboys BBQ - 'Sweet 180' BBQ Sauce

Sweet 180′ KC-style BBQ sauce was created for competition with complex flavours and excellent glazing properties. This sauce helped the Pork Pull..


Plowboys BBQ - 'Tarheel Tang' BBQ Sauce

Plowboys BBQ ‘Tarheel Tang’ BBQ Sauce is a Kansas City spin on Carolina-style barbecue sauce. Sweet, tangy with vinegar, and smoky. Great on pork..


Plowboys BBQ - Bovine Bold Rub

Try the rub from the team that won the 2009 American Royal Invitational. From the team of Todd Johns and his brother-in-law Randy Hinck (who comp..


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